Despite living halfway across the country from one another, the shared musical curiosity and collaborative energy between Tom and Joe Beier (“Buy-er”) unearthed more than enough enthusiasm to propel them toward completion of their first album together. With an abundance of ideas conjured via old-school basement jams, the duo—aptly coined BEIER—debuts with Think Twice, a collection of songs demonstrating both expert polish and all the untarnished exhilaration of a couple kids in a candy store.

Wide-eyed arrangements, splattering guitar acrobatics, super-phat grooves and feral vocal wailing place things in sonic territory ranging anywhere from borderline ‘80s arena glam to power pop to tried-and-true Minneapolis funk. Touching on love, loss, destiny, and quest, the lyrics are candid and upbeat, side-by-side with ambitious, airtight performances. With a multitude of tasty textures and tones to boot, BEIER forges a sound peppered with countless familiar reference points—Steve Vai to Stevie Wonder amid the dizzying turns—all while remaining fresh, upbeat, and even whimsical. It’s a positive sound sure to hit home with imaginative music lovers near and far.